CELC/European Confederation of Flax and Hemp

CELC highlights the innovative yarns and finished products in European Linen. The only European agro-industrial organisation, the European Flax and Hemp Confederation I CELC brings together and federates all the stages of production and processing of flax and hemp - 10000 companies in 14 European countries. Founded in 1951, its organisation is the unifying authority of the world’s flax industry. 80% of the world production of flax fiber comes from the cultivation of a coastal strip located in Western Europe. As part of Filo Milano, the CELC presents on its corner new cones of innovative yarns, mixtures, hybridizations. All are made from European flax fibre. The mission of the CELC is based on the innovative and environmental qualities of flax fibres, guaranteed by the traceability labels European Flax® and Masters of Linen®, promoted to professionals and consumers through the “I love linen” campaign. In Paris and in Milano, its showroom, the Linen Dream Lab, is also a key gateway to creations in different fields such as fashion or interior design. Through its multi-channel international strategy, CELC stimulates innovation.

LINEN DREAM LAB - 15, Rue du Louvre – BAT 3A 3e étage

T: 0033142210683


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