IAFIL S.p.A. – Industria Ambrosiana Filati

Founded in 1890, IAFIL has the know-how to produce and market yarns of the highest quality, using only the world's finest cotton and other precious fibres. The selection of raw materials and the monitoring of the entire cycle, which includes spinning, twisting, mercerising and dyeing, a quality control aimed at ensuring that the products meet the customer's requirements, reflect the success achieved over the years by maintaining the company's tradition.
Product and process certifications guarantee the protection and safety of workers, the environment and consumers.
The PE 2025 Weaving Collection offers an excellent product made from the finest natural fibres, available in hundreds of colours from our Stock Service. It has been developed with great attention to sustainability, based on supply chain control, respect for the environment and people, and product and process certification. It surprises with high-tech innovation, thanks to the introduction of high performance technical yarns and extreme transformations of natural fibres, with the provocative aim of giving them an attractive appearance, technicality and increasingly modern tactile sensations.

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