Safilin is a family business founded in 1778 and based in Sailly-sur-la-Lys (62). Since 250 years,Safilin combines the spirit of craftsmanship with the power of industry.
French leader, Safilin ensures a production of 100% European flax yarns certified Master of Linen through its two spinning mills in Poland, a dry spinning mill that produces thicker yarns with a more rustic appearance and a wet spinning mill that produces finer yarns.Safilin’s 400 Polish employees ensure the mastery of an age-old art, in technical and precise gestures. Each year, 4 500 tons, or 200 km of yarn per minute, leave the spinning mills, from the spinning mills to a wide range of weavers and knitters throughout the world who and knitters around the world who are looking for a premium quality, durable linen yarn. Safilin controls every stage of the spinning process, from the selection of the dyedflax to the yarn spool.

To take eco-responsibility a step further, Safilin is developing an additional offerfor the yarn, including full traceability from the plant to the yarn, with a certificate issued, as well as the environmental footprint resulting from the production of this yarn.

The next stage in Safilin’s growth will be in France, from summer 2022 it will set up a spinning unit to complement its two Polish spinning plants. Located in the Hauts-de-France region, Safilin’s historical home, this new flax spinning unit will be the missing link in a French chain of excellence and will address new markets that are complementary to Polish production.

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