Founded in 1966 by Luigi Valsecchi, Torcitura di Domaso was born as a small company specializing in the processing of silk yarns. In a few years, thanks to the qualitative level of its productions, it became a point of reference for the major silk weaving mills in the Como textile district. With the generational change and the arrival of the sons Mario and Andrea, the company's path undergoes a strong acceleration towards a continuous search for the improvement of the production process and above all towards a constant work of diversification of materials to complement the characteristic activity of the silk. The consequent dimensional growth of the company made it necessary to build a new production unit, completed in 2012, to be placed side by side with the historic headquarters in Domaso. The strong link with the territory, which combines textile tradition, beauty of the landscape and a high level of quality of life, has guided the choice of the new location in the industrial area of Colico. Today, Torcitura di Domaso, faithful to its philosophy, is once again investing in human resources and technology to offer its customers increasingly refined and innovative collections. By interpreting the needs of the market, Torcitura di Domaso approaches the market of knitting yarns with a dedicated line with the ISY brand. Acronym of Italian Special Yarns, the name ISY encloses in its simplicity a heritage of almost half a century of experience, knowledge and passion, typical of a world where craftsmanship and innovation meet to give life to a Made in Italy product of high level.


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