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Elasten was born 30 years ago within the full innovation of a almost unknown product, “the elasticized yarn”, which has never stopped improving since that time.

Constant research of a new performing product has always characterized Elasten bringing it to become the world leading company in high range stretch yarn production.

Demand for elastic fabrics is getting bigger and bigger since convenience and comfort are people needs rather than just details nowadays.

The history of Elasten marks the history of stretch fabrics worldwide and its cutting-edge structure revealed in quality, typology and production capacity makes it the world biggest one.

Over the years the textile market has changed in several aspects. In turn, Elasten has always followed customers’ requests by developing and increasing its products.

Elasten family company structure together with its employees make this firm extremely multifaceted able to study any product. No wonder if a few years ago we started to use this saying:
“Io elasticizzo anche la mi’ mamma”
“I elasticize even my mommy”
which always makes laugh and may characterize us.

Constant dedication to work featuring my father since my early memories has made it possible that ELASTICIZED LINEN was created in his own hands. He says this is thanks to a pray, I believe this is the conseguence of his huge willpower and the nights spent in front of machinery.

In any case, this invention was also patented worldwide following the same values.

Besides Linen, also Hemp and Ramiè were patented. The yarn in any title available on the world market is patented as well as the deriving fabric made even with a small percentage of said yarn.

Our vision of business is a completing part of ourselves and our care will be carrying it out in the same way as we’ve done till today.

Every day we are pleased to establish new relationships, to strenghten the existing ones and to think that we will still be here in many years though remaining the same researchers as today.

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